John Purner and Complete Custom Wheel

Spoke with John Purner of Complete Custom Wheel today.  Not quite ready to order anything yet but had a good chat with him about the project and bounced around some ideas.  I ran CCW wheels on both my SM 240sx and on the SS Viper.  While I haven’t received any sponsorship or special deals from CCW, I always look to them first.  Their wheels offer a tremendous value in custom-sized forged wheels, part of why so many racers run them.  I also think the “Classic” style they offer would look good on the Camaro-

John was having, as he put it, an “average” day.  Well, I don’t know if I could have handled him on a good day – he had me laughing so hard I was practically falling out of my chair.

Turns out John and I share a lot of the same viewpoints on things related to these cars.  It was refreshing to find someone else who not only thought like I do, but also felt so free to vocalize those thoughts without a Political Correctness filter.  Doubly so, as he’s a guy who has a business selling parts to the public, oftentimes people in that position are so reserved in what they say to preserve their “image”.

I don’t know if I’ll be running CCWs on the Camaro.  I don’t get anything if you decide to buy some.  But you owe it to yourself to at least consider these wheels at the time of your next purchase, the guy is just that cool.

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