Phase 2 begin

Couple updates for 11/29.  Took the day off work today to get the car up to the aforementioned John Coffey at his shop, Beta Motorsports :

In preparation, thrashed late into the night yesterday putting the back end of the car together enough to get it rolling.  Last minute run to the auto parts store for some bearings, and together went the diff.

Here it is floating out in space, just like the stock one that came out.  But notice here, the Hyperocoil composite leafs, and the once-horrendously filthy 12-bolt, now cleaned up to only moderately filthy, with fresh wheel studs.

Car sits a “little” high on the springs – should come down a little with time as things settle, not to mention the weight of many components like the fuel tank, trunklid, back seats, etc.  Still, I worry I’m going to need to have some custom fiberglass leafs made, as the car is about 4-5″ too high here and with 250lb. springs, should only come down a couple inches with the weight.

This morning, went and rented a trailer.  Loading a car with no engine or brakes on a trailer sure can be fun!  Ratchet straps make decent winches in a pinch…

Was yet another beautiful day in southern California.  Cold, but clear.  Took this in honor of the recently passed Leslie Nielsen:

And finally, car made it to Beta Motorsports.  I have about a dozen different projects for John, which will take him through most of December.  Fine by me, plenty to do on the side while he works.  As he completes things, I’ll post pics and explain what was done with each sub-project.  John will be fixing a few things wrong with the car, modifying a few of my aftermarket parts to work better, and fabricating a few things from scratch.  When he’s done, the chassis and suspension will be “done” from a fab perspective.  I still expect to do a lot of suspension tuning, the fruit of this work will be a solid and highly adjustable platform upon which to tune.  It’ll also be done from a welding/fab perspective to I can then take the car to get body and paint done.

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