Already have an engine builder involved? That was quick. How hard was it to find an original block? Isn’t the ’67 a small journal? Or had they moved to large journal by then?

The ’67 block was small journal with 2-bolt mains, they moved to large journal in ’68.  Small journal maybe not as reliable or as long-lived in a roadracing environment, but should last plenty long in autocross and actually make a couple more hp in the process.

It’s not hard to find an original block.  In ’67 the 3892657 block was used by many motors, there was nothing special about its implementation in a 302.

The engine build has been in progress since before the car was acquired, as I figured it would be one of the more tricky and time-consuming aspects of the build.  I’m hoping for it to be done by Thanksgiving but Christmas is more likely.  Not really a problem as the rest of the car will need a bunch more time than that.

The engine builder was chosen for their long history building successful engines under the SCCA’s strict rulesets, and also for many of those engines being small block Chevys.  The latter aspect affords them a great inventory of parts and connections to others who have parts.

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