Jerry MacNeish

This Jerry guy knows a lot about these cars.  He’s been playing with them since before I was born and in doing so has amassed a pretty crazy knowledge base.  Jerry is to Camaros as famed autocrosser Andy Hollis is to the Honda Civic/CRX.

A couple things from Jerry showed up today.  First was his book,


Lots of good details, all Z28 specific, will help ensure I get all the little brackets and details correct.  Also confirmed (positively, yay!) a lingering gearing availability question I had.

Link to his books –

While you’re there, check out this car:

There’s no shortage of myth and legend of what these cars could do from the factory down the quarter mile.  Some say they dogged off the line and couldn’t break 15 seconds in the quarter.  Others brag of running 10’s with slicks and headers.  Any time you hear stories like this, reality probably lies somewhere between.  Jerry’s numbers on that page are pretty good on a car with only a couple little ST-ish things done from the factory.  This STX car when done should make a little more power and weigh a good 200 pounds less.  🙂

The other thing in the box was an original mint-condition intake manifold for the car.  It was supposed to go straight to the engine builder but what the heck, this gives me a chance to photograph it before the motor is all put together.

Can’t wait to be done with all the dirty scummy parts, and start putting together the nice clean new stuff.

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  1. Already have an engine builder involved? That was quick. How hard was it to find an original block? Isn’t the ’67 a small journal? Or had they moved to large journal by then?

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