Why a ’67? Part 1

I mentioned earlier, there were a few reasons I chose a ’67.  There are three, really, here’s the first one.

Each year had different sets of options available – some of it was things you could get, but other parts of it was things you could choose not to get.

In ’67, unlike ’68 and later, you could order option code C48, for heater delete.

The factory left it out completely, and put a couple covers over the firewall holes.  Lots of tape too, on other bolt holes and on the wiring harness.

So what’s the big deal about that?  Well, between the inner and outer pieces, hoses, and the water that goes in it all, it’s a solid thirty pounds off the car, most of it on the nose and all of it above the car’s CG height.

Without going too much into the physics right now, in a car like this old Camaro, anything you can do to reduce or move back and down, stuff ahead of the rear axle, you benefit.  The larger the reduction, rearward shift, or lowering, the better.

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