How proportioning valves work in Street Touring

Actually the Camaro’s brake bias was probably too far off to be fixable with a brake bias adjuster, so it’s getting a more powerful prescription:

reduced rear brake piston area.


As you can see, the caliper on the right has a lot smaller pistons.  Both have 4 pistons and the same pad area, with the same pad compound (same pad compound used in front).

Going to a smaller piston area may seem counterintuitive if you wanted to reduce force – won’t a smaller piston “move further” than the bigger, thus exerting more force?

In actuality, the pads don’t have far to go, and once they’ve hit the rotors, braking force has to do with the pressure exerted.  The principles of hydraulic systems dictate the pressure be equal everywhere, and force can be figured as pressure applied over an area – thus, the smaller the area, the less pressure applied to the brake pad.

Hopefully that equates to less death-rotation under braking 🙂

Like the look and finish of these better anyway, they match the 6-piston fronts.

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