J-Rho's '67 Camaro Z28 STX build Jason Rhoades builds a 1967 Camaro Z28 clone for SCCA STX autocross


Rear brakes were definitely locking up

Found some new photos from the SD Tour, and this one:


is especially illustrative.  Note how the inside front is still blurry with rotational motion, but the inside rear is nice and sharp...

Looks pretty sharp in the next couple as well, as the car begins to pirouette.  Barely caught it.

Looking forward to the lower-piston-area rear calipers.  Feels good to have an in-car impression validated with external data.

p.s. I would have bought the digital copy and posted it here - but the photographer wants $40 per digital image?  The nice image I used from Late Apex Photo in the last post was a reasonable-for-a-great-photo $7.50...

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