Q: Alright. So what are the modifications planned?

A lot of these build start of with a snappy digital rendering of how the car will look, with impossibly tinted windows, ride height down in the weeds, and a big long list like:

So-and-so’s subframe

600hp Ls-whatever

245 front, 345 rear tires


In this case, the rules listed below define what I’ll be doing.  Distilling it down, the parts list will be something like:

Springs (all stock types in stock locations), shocks, panhard rod, roll bar, subframe connectors (bolt-in), wheels (9″ max width), tires (265 max width, 140+ treadwear), bushings (non-metal), brakes, limited slip, seats, steering wheel, headers, baffled oil pan, exhaust.  With our camber kit allowance I can do a custom front upper or lower control arm, but not both.

In the process the car will essentially undergo a full restoration so a lot of things will be cleaned, painted, powdercoated, or CAD plated, but I don’t consider that part modification really.

Everything else will be stock, including the motor internals, interior, body, etc.  The car will basically become a ’67 Z28 clone in the process so it’ll be put together as an ideally optioned ’67 as it goes with a 302, M21, 3.73 12-bolt rear, etc.

I will be surprised if I am actually able to leverage many off-the-shelf performance parts  in the build.  Most of the things available for these cars either aren’t legal for my chosen class, or they aren’t ideal for my purposes.

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